Our Purpose

The Order of Jacob’s Well is a network of ecumenical Christian communities (known as Wells) established for the purpose of sharing the message of the Cross to the world that all may receive of the healing & restoring benefits Christ gives.

The Order of Jacob’s Well was initiated in 1998 as a Healing Order in Wales and the UK by the then Bishop Dr. Rowan Williams, with the Rev. Mike Endicott as Prior.

The Order of Jacob’s Well (Australia) was established in April 2015. There are now provisional Wells in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Members of the Order are disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, rejoicing in the gift of new life he has made possible through his declaration of the kingdom of God and his giving of himself on the Cross for the sake of the world and each one of us.

The Order focuses on kingdom healing , only too aware of the wider work of the Churches and other organizations who are caught up in God’s purpose of the healing of the creation.

The Order of Jacob’s Well Australia Ltd., is a non-profit organization, with trustees who meet regularly to plan events and work with the Prior and convocations of Elders in the development of wells throughout the nation.