Our Wells

These are subdivisions of the Order, communities within the community, teaching and practising the healing ministry of Christ to the glory of God.

Each Well is under the supervision of an Elder, himself or herself being a member of the Order accountable to the Prior. The Prior for the Australian Order is the Rev. Professor Dean Drayton.

A Well begins with a formation process over 2 to 3 years, during which time It is considered a provisional Well with provisional members. Wells consist of members of more than one Christian denomination and are not aligned with any one denomination or local church.

The Australian Order follows the guidelines developed by the Order of Jacob’s Well in the United Kingdom. Each member of the Order in Australia commits themself to a common vision and plan to embody the Healing, forgiveness and new life given in the declaration of the Kingdom of God, and the message of the cross.

They hold to the importance of learning and praying together in the kingdom as people who give thanks for what God has done in and through Jesus Christ, echoing the word of Psalm 50:23:Those who bring thanksgiving as their sacrifice honour me; to those who go the right way I will show the salvation of God.’

As a community of believers from different denominations members of the Well commit to regular prayer times, study times, service times, ministry times, teaching times and learning times together.

Most activities conducted by a Well are open to all. Membership in the Order is by invitation.

The emphasis at any one time in terms of the healing services, teaching and ministry times may differ depending on the nature of the Well, but each of these activities are an integral part of the communities life together.